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Cj Drain & Plumbing is a great plumber in Bowmanville that offers 24 hour service, 7 days a week. Leaky faucets to a plumber are seen to be a big issue, although homeowners may not feel the same way. They most likely believe that the problem will take care of it self and will eventually stop dripping. Here are three reasons why you should start taking leaky faucets seriously.

Bigger Issues Than You Started With

Rust, Rot and Mold are 3 of the few things that homeowners have dealt with at least once, but it is also something to avoid.

Rust is created by constant moisture and mental, which do not mix well. If you let your faucet continue to drip for a long period of time then you will soon find rust inside as well as outside of your pipes. Overtime this can cause your pipes to clog. Unfortunately rust can grow into a larger issue quickly if not taken care of in a timely manner. If left for a long period of time, it can cause more leaking and eventually lead to cracked pipes that can eventually burst, leaving you with expensive repairs and water damage.

A constant leaking faucet will most likely affect the surfaces around it. Wooden cabinets, counters and floors are at risk of rotting and cracking from the constant dripping of water. The water can leak through the already damaged floors causing the water to seep through affecting the foundation of the home.

Mold can be lethal not only to your cabinets and walls but to your health as well. If you begin to notice dark patches, a musty smell or slight staining around your faucets, or certain family members are having trouble breathing. Call a professional mold removal service right away. Your family and your health is at risk so it is important to deal with it as soon as possible.

Wasting Water

Water waste and is something that can cause a dent on the environment overtime as well as water bills at the end of every three months. There are many homeowners that work hard to conserve energy, water and food within their homes. One leaky faucet can be wasting litres of water. 4,000 drips of a leaking faucet can add up to a litre of water in one day. If one leaky faucet can waste a litre think of what 3 or 5 leaky faucets can do.

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You can never go wrong with contacting a professional plumber in Bowmanville that is able to target the problem and stop it from causing the safety of your family. Get a quote from the best. At CJ Drain & Plumbing we offer dependable, affordable plumbing services for residents and businesses all over the GTA.

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