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Sometimes the little things in life can have the biggest impact on our mood. Coming home to sewage-like odours, waste reemerging from your drains, noisy toilets with inadequate water and basement leaks, can affect anyone’s state of mind. That’s why it is important to resolve these inconveniences as soon as possible. Additionally, these symptoms are often indicators of serious issues with your plumbing such as a sewer system backup. Therefore, it is important to promptly contact a professional plumbing service, like CJ Drain & Plumbing, for a comprehensive diagnosis of your drainage system. We are highly experienced in providing quality sewer system backup and maintenance services to residents across the Greater Toronto Area.

Causes of Sewer System Backups

The success of our home plumbing system is heavily dependent on our sewer system functioning well. If there is a breakdown anywhere in the pipeline it can create a host of problems for our drainage. Some of the main causes of sewer system back ups are:

Tree Root Intrusions – It’s fair to say that tree roots are usually a common cause for many plumbing issues – our sewage system is no exception. Since sewer pipes are typically situated underground, they are more vulnerable to tree root intrusion. This is because when trees grow, their roots also spread towards areas where water resides. Therefore, even if there are no trees on your property, roots from neighbouring yards can infiltrate your sewer line. As a result, our sewer pipes can be penetrated and crushed by unrelenting trees in search of nourishment. When this occurs, we experience a disruption in the flow of water from our drains which negatively affects the entire plumbing system.

Broken Sewer Pipes – The technology used in construction has improved overtime. Although clay and cast iron were commonly used in the construction of sewer pipes, they have not been able to withstand the test of time. Henceforth, wear and tear has led to the pipes developing cracks, punctures and subsequently, collapsing with age.

Bad Draining Habits – You’ve probably heard the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind”. Unfortunately, people tend to treat their drainage system with this kind of logic. However, you must be mindful of the types of materials you dispose of down your kitchen sink and toilet. Materials like food waste, grease, paper towels, diapers and feminine hygiene products, can build up overtime and result in drain clogging.

Sewer System Backup Solutions

Every plumbing situation presents different challenges.In light of this, CJ Drain and Plumbing utilizes video camera inspection technology to thoroughly assess the causes of your sewage backup and provide effective solutions. With that being said, some of the common solutions that we use to fix your sewer system are:

Drain Cleaning – Your drains are inspected for areas where clogging is occurring and the appropriate cleaning method is applied to remove grease, debris and other blockages.

Hydro Jetting – Hydro Jetting is the process by which high pressurized water is used to clear tree roots and thoroughly clean your drain pipes.

Pipe ReliningThis is a non destructive method that involves installing a protective lining within the pipe. Consequently, the lining bonds to the inside of the pipe walls and forms an additional layer of protection from cracks and damages.

Pipe Bursting –  A hydraulic machine is used to carefully pull a new pipe through the damaged portion of an existing sewer line. This causes the old pipe to burst as a new pipe seamlessly replaces it.

CJ Drain & Plumbing— A Professional Sewer System Backup Service

At CJ Drain & Plumbing, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide high quality plumbing solutions and customer service to our clients. Our plumbers understand that every situation is unique. Therefore, they go above and beyond to prevent any sewer system backups from recurring  after the appropriate measures have been implemented. Since we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing, you can contact us at any time to get an assessment of your drainage system.

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Calling a plumber is never a fun call. I have always expected the worst and hoped for the best. I don’t fear that call when I know it’s to CJ plumbers. They always helps out and saves money. They are efficient and will take the time to explain to me what my problem is, how it got that way and what they will do to correct it.
Emily V.
Great Service! My drain backed up. I called, and Jay came out the same day. The service was fast and effective. I will definitely be calling this company again for my all plumbing needs. Very affordable and high quality services!
Testo L.
I had an emergency and called many Plumbing Services but turned out to be very pricey. I came across CJ Plumbing and told them my problem and they quoted me over the phone. The same price they quoted me, is what I paid. The plumber came is Jay, he is very professional and friendly. The amount paid for the work done was very reasonable. Thank you CJ Plumbing!
Grace S.

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