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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Install A Toilet Bidet

There’s no doubt that you have probably already heard or used a toilet bidet before.

However, just to make sure that we’re all on the same page. Let’s start by clarifying what’s a bidet for those who aren’t familiar with it. First of all, it is important to not confound a toilet bidet with an ordinary toilet.

Most people confuse the two hardware because they share similar shapes and sizes. However, in reality, toilet bidets are a separate entity. Furthermore, both appliances have distinct functionalities. For instance, an ordinary toilet is used to flush away human waste outside of the household.

But, a toilet bidet’s main purpose is for cleaning. That being said, instead of using toilet paper, this piece of hardware will spray your underbody and will clean away all messes.

In fact, as time goes by, its popularity has gone through remarkable growth. According to studies, bidets are perceived as a common bathroom component in 80% of the world.

Nonetheless, many homeowners still remain skeptical to install one in the household despite its high popularity rate. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the importance of installing a bidet at home along with its various benefits.

5 Benefits of Installing a Toilet Bidet

Cleaner: You might be wondering what’s the purpose of installing a toilet bidet when you can simply wipe away the mess with usual toilet papers. Well first, in comparison to standard toilet papers, it is cleaner to wipe off using water.

Since toilet bidets operate through spraying the undercarriage area with a stream of water, it guarantees a deeper cleaning. In other words, the water can wash thoroughly any messes that are stick to the skin. On the other hand, while toilet paper might seem handier and more convenient, it can only wipe away the fecal matter that remains on the surface of the skin. Therefore, in terms of cleanliness, bidets are a better alternative.

In comparison to ordinary toilet papers, toilet bidets are a cleaner option.

Healthier: Bidet is one of the healthiest ways to clean away your underbody. That being said, smearing your undercarriage with toilet paper could increase the risk of health problems such as irritation and infection.

The reason behind this is because toilet papers require you to employ your hand to wipe away the messes. In the same way, you should understand that your hands contain a lot of germs. Therefore, once your hands enter in contact with your lower body to wipe away the messes, it is actually transmitting the germs to your fragile areas.

Not to mention the fact that your household’s paper towel dispenser is also accumulating germs with time. According to researchers, it is proven that there are 6 times more germs that are grown on paper towel dispensers. As a result, all of these factors play a crucial factor in the ongoing increase of health diseases related to toilet paper usage.

Toilet bidets are proven to be healthier than ordinary toilet papers.

Less problematic: Another reason why you should shift to a toilet bidet is because of plumbing issues. Since you’re not depending on toilet papers anymore, you’ll be less likely to have a clogged toilet.

This is extremely beneficial for homeowners as toilet papers are often the main cause of clogged toilets. With the installation of a bidet, you wouldn’t have to invest as much time, energy, and money in fixing bathroom problems.

Furthermore, it also decreases the chances of having an overflowing toilet where it could lead to serious damages to your property. Therefore, installing this piece of hardware can ease the mind of many homeowners as they would be less likely to encounter plumbing dilemmas related to their bathroom.

Tired of clogged toilets? Shift to a toilet bidet instead!

Eco-friendly: Many of you are probably aware of the environmental impact of toilet paper usage. Toilet papers are not eco-friendly to the environment as it is manufactured from trees and water. For instance, experts have found out that it takes about 37 gallons of water to create a single roll of toilet paper. Even worse, since people only use it once and flush it away afterward, its lifespan is fairly short.

You should also keep in mind that it takes time for toilet papers to decompose. On top of that, toilet paper emits up to 30% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This does not only harm the environment as it creates pollution in the air. But, it also encourages and contributes to the process of global warming.

In order to protect our planet from deteriorating, you should consider shifting to a toilet bidet.

Are you aware of the damages that toilet paper is causing to our planet?

Minimize waste: You might not realize it, but your toilet paper’s consumption is fairly high. With the shift to bidets, it will not only save you money on regular toilet paper purchases. But, it will also minimize waste in your household.

In other words, as you’ll be using fewer amounts of toilet paper, you wouldn’t be constantly flushing papers down your toilet. Additionally, this one-time investment doesn’t contain any “physical packaging”.

Therefore, you wouldn’t be regularly wasting and disposing plastic packaging.

Consider installing a toilet bidet in order to minimize household waste.


In summary, you might think that it is expensive to invest in a bidet. However, if you take a moment to think deeply, its advantages outweigh the amount of money you’re paying for this one-time investment.

In addition to that, there are also different forms and shapes of bidets. If you don’t want to install an independent hardware, you can consider purchasing a bidet attachment. It is a more cost-efficient option, and it works as well as an independent bidet.

Therefore, in order to protect your own wellness and to protect our planet, you should consider shifting to a toilet bidet. Moreover, if you have any issues related to the installation process, feel free to contact CJ Drain & Plumbing.

The team is ready 24/7 to assist you with any types of plumbing concerns!